Frankenstein, P.I. Crime Noir

Here is the text I was given…

“The thing awakens in a dark, damp alley. Dreams of lighting and thunder still linger through his vision, although now it’s not certain if they were truly dreams or memories from the beginning.
His limbs feel stiff and weak, all it can manages for now is a failed attempt to get on his feet, falling into a murky water filled hole on the ground. It remains there for a moment, taking it’s time for it’s limb to awaken, opening and closing it’s fist until the tingling stops. Then it notices something tattooed on it’s wrist, “Frankenstein & Tesla Industries”.
It tries to get up again, managing to stay on it’s feet for a while before taking it’s first step, then another.
-It’s alright now.- It thinks to itself. -I can walk now.-
Rising it’s head toward the dark sky and the towering steel buildings ahead, their lights hiding the stars from sight, the thing has but one mission. To know what or who he is and who is his creator.
And so the thing, or perhaps a man, he cannot fully decide which yet; takes his first steps into the great city, it’s distant sounds or sirens and gunfire not so much of a welcome.”

Here is the initial image sketch…And the final for CGHub….And after some critiques….